Additional Steps for NTFS

If the boot disk you are using is NTFS, there are a few steps to follow to ensure proper operation of your Paciolan software.

1.    In Windows Explorer, navigate to the BTrieve log files MKDEWE.TRN and MKDEMSG.LOG. These files are in the C:\WINDOWS directory.

Note: SBClient needs to have been started at least once for these files to exist.

2.    Do the following for each file:

a.    Select Properties to display the File Properties window, and then click the Security tab.

b.    Change the permissions on both files to Full Control for all users.

Important: If you are using Windows XP Professional, check to ensure that Simple File Sharing is not enabled. To check, do the following:

Note: Another way to determine if Simple File Sharing is enabled is to right click on any folder or file. Select Properties. If there is not a Security tab, Simple file Sharing is enabled and needs to be turned off.

c.    In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Program Files\IBM\SBClient.

d.    Right-click the TU folder, and then select Properties.

e.    Click the Security tab.

3.    You can either adjust permissions by group or by individuals:

·    To set them by group:

·    To set them by individual:

4.    Have a restricted user log in to your Paciolan software to verify their access, including SeatMaps if tRes is installed. The user may encounter error messages such as: